Hi :-) Welcome to the world of a lazy girl running. My blog has lots of running, exercise, food and general madness that goes through my head.

2014 is the year I increase my running distance. The goal is a half marathon by October.

Hope you stay along for the ride. xx


Fitbit stats good. Exercised my butt off at FittClub. Watched a ship leave port. How cool is that!!!! 😊

Holidays approved!!!! Countdown is 16 days!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holidays approved!!!! Countdown is 16 days!!!!!!!!!!!!


Time to give myself some goals for October.

  • Run Rotto 10km
  • No tracking food and listening to my body
  • Reduce body fat (currently about 29%!!!!!)
  • Keep drinking about 3ltrs a day
  • Stick to my exercise routine (have been lazy for the last week or so)
  • Min 7,500 steps per day

That should be enough to keep me out of trouble ;-)

Saturday and Sunday stats. Will try going for a small run tomorrow if the weather isn’t shabby. Fingers crossed!!!

Food good. Fitbit stats good. Did some flyers for the next fitclub challenge. Ankle a bit sore after the walk so running will have to wait a bit longer. Also wore my mc hammer pants to work. So comfy ☺☺☺

I always know when it’s time for me to have a holiday from work. I do the most dumbass things lol Going to have credits on a few bills next month!!!!



Thursday has been good ☺☺☺